About the Team that Makes You More $$$$

We are a team of ordinary people with an extraordinary passion towards solving business problems. As of 2016, Mobile & Cloud Apps are our preferred tools for that!

In the span of past 4 years, we have provided 150+ solutions to our clients through helping them bring their app idea to life.

In our journey, we have leveraged technologies and concepts such as iOS (Objective-C/Swift) App Design & Development for iPhone and iPads, Android App Design & Development for Smartphones and Tablets, UX Reviews, Prototyping, Product Experience Design, Marketing/ASO and more.

Though Digicom is home for some excellent engineering brains, we are single-focused on creating better user experience for our users, vendors, teammates and the society at large.

We believe that Good Engineering + Excellent UX is much better than Great Engineering + inferior UX.

We aim is to enrich human lives through better UX. Our aim inspires each of the Digicom team members to wake up at 5:00 am in the morning or stay awake till 2:00 am in the night to solve a customer problem!

We are a UX Improvement Company operating in Mobile Technology Space and not vice versa!

If you have an app idea, we can help you transform your idea into a real app! We'll take care of every activity that needs to be done in between your app idea and a real app!

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Enriched Human Lives Through Better Apps And Remarkable UX



Enrich 100,000 human lives through our Apps by December 2018

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  • start-quote When I started off, I just had an idea and lot of uncertainty if it is possible to bring the my app idea to life. Then I found Space-O Digicom team and they developed MVP for my idea. It helped me understand what my customers would want. I am happy..  over-quote

    Melinda Walker, USA
  • start-quote Close your eyes and hire Digicom team to get your MVP done. The insights they brought in while building the app prototype was so valuable that I hired them them as my product strategy consultants. over-quote

    Michael James, USA
  • start-quote Our one month with Digicom team was very proactive and full-of-progress. We worked with them to bring our property listing app idea to life. They did exceptional work and brought in interesting insights. We feel that we have found not just a technology partner but a thought partner in Digicom team. over-quote

    Baris Tilki, Turkey
  • start-quote UV, Chintan and the team are professional, efficient and intelligent. I’d not hesitate in utilising their services again. over-quote

    Karl, New Zealand
  • start-quote The best of the 10 developers I have used so far. When you want a Software i.e a Product in real terms, you want someone who is not just an expert in creating the website/database/mobile app, but also who understand how to make your Product successful. Utpal has a huge experience and understands what works and what doesnt work for any type of product and his marketing skills come very handy in choosing what you want to do with your idea. over-quote

    Raghu R., UK
  • start-quote Spaceodigicom is highly reliable and professional. Not only do they work with you through the process of developing the app, but also have great insights on how to take the app to the next level. I would highly recommend Spaceodigicom. over-quote

    Xiuqi, US
  • start-quote Excellent work and superb value. Feel very fortunate to meet Utpal through this job. He is a man of integrity, reason and high intellect. This job started a relation that would go a long way. over-quote

    Prady, US
  • start-quote This is my second project with UV and he has done excellent job in finishing up the project not only in time but also provided a extremely good quality. He was on top of things clarified requriements on each step and made sure he meet the expectation. I am defintely going to work with him on many more projects in the future! Thanks UV! over-quote

    Amol, US
  • start-quote I have used these guys for a few jobs. Each time they have delivered exactly what I wanted and have always helped me out with additional amendments and suggestions. Very good team! over-quote

    Simon, US
  • start-quote We worked with VPN SDK Providers KeepSolid INC, we developed VPN App for iOS using SDK from KeepSolid. During development process, we often contacted KeepSolid team on major issues & passing Apple review process and always received fast and professional support. The KeepSolid team is responsible and always ready to help.over-quote