Low App Downloads? – You need to Apply Right App Marketing Strategies


Congratulations! Your app is finally live on the app store. You are super excited and confident about earning money out of the cash-cow behaviour of app economy.

However, things do not always go the way we want them!

A couple of weeks after app’s release, you get a report of total no. of downloads. And it is disappointing. Your app is nowhere close to the triple digit downloads.  The reason for such a poor performance is that your app is buried somewhere deep in a pile of apps.

Poor App discoverability resulted into fewer downloads. And we all know that less app downloads are nothing but a burden on your investments.

Getting your app discovered is the fundamental challenge, today. There are over 3 million apps on major app stores. This has made competition steeper. Making your app stand out, in such competitive environment, is indeed a daunting task.   However, with comprehensive and extensive app marketing strategies, you can get your app good mileage on the app store.


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Effective app marketing strategies fundamentally serve two purposes:

  • Promoting an app internally (on respective app stores) and externally to acquire new users.
  • Ensure more users engagement and thus more revenues.

Before, you start planning how to market an app, remember it is a different ball-game altogether.  Applying, traditional marketing techniques hardly get converted into a sale.

It is important to know that App Promotion involves a lot of evaluation or demographic, cultural and psychographic data. This evaluation provides market insights for well-informed decisions.
Here are some of the app marketing strategies, that we have been applying to bring our (and our clients’) apps in the top slot on the app store.

# 1 App Store Optimization or ASO

Do you know that around 63% apps are discovered by browsing app stores? And yes, there are over million apps on the store.  Now, maths time! What are the chances of your app getting discovered in this boundless sea of app? Minimum or probably ZERO.

Getting app discovered on the store can be a tricky thing. It gets more complicated if the focus is on organic downloads. It is here, App store optimization or ASO proves to be an effective weapon to deal with poor visibility.

So, basically, ASO is SEO for app store. It helps in getting more exposure for the apps on store(s). This eventually makes them more discoverable. Result – More downloads.

The purpose of ASO is to draw more traffic to your app on the store. This means your app can become more visible and the chances of finding it double up.  In short, it inspires the potential user to take specific action i.e., downloading the app!

Want to know more about ASO? You can read it in our previous blog.

#2. Extend Social Media Outreach

Social media is getting bigger, both in its reach and influence.  In fact, it provides a solid marketing platform. So, can there is any better way to promote your app other than social media? NO, there can’t be.

Social media can be used to build a strong online presence, before and even after the app is launched. As a part of pre-launch promotions, launching teaser posters that depict an app’s personality can work wonders.

Posting information and promotions related to the app can offer a glimpse of the app. Creating conversations and engaging the users (potential and existing) makes the user curious about the app.

Running contest also helps in incentivizing the users to download the app.

Result – It builds strong base of users who can take word-of-mouth promotions further. Eventually, this increases the no. of downloads.

#3 Create an enticing web landing page

Yes, you heard it right – an enticing web landing page for your app can help in user acquisition. How, you will ask? Simple – content for the app (blogs or case studies) is usually re-directed to two places: App’s page on the app store and a webpage.  This means the app becomes visible to users browsing search engines.

Hence, building a good web landing page becomes an effective tool to convert web visitors into users. Since the content on app page cannot create customized experience, a web page can be used to create a rich, customized and engaging content. For example, a web version of the app can be displayed to show what exactly users will experience while using the app.

In the end, it is very important to remember that app marketing strategy is not a silver bullet. It is not the only answer to your low downloads.

It is always unique app idea + good development + marketing that gets your profits scaling up.

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