App Store Optimization - A Necessary Evil That Every Appreneur Deals With

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ASO = More Downloads! More downloads = more dollars!

It was big day for Hugh. His app was finally released on the app store.

He saw this as an opportunity to kick-start his career as an appreneur and monetize on the growing popularity of mobile apps.

But, after few weeks he felt his dreams crashing down! He started questioning his decision to enter into the mobile app space.


Because his app would not get ‘enough’ downloads!

In fact, his app didn’t even featured in the top 10 search results on the app store.

It was hard for him to accept it.

He gave up his dream of becoming an appreneur!

Hugh is a fictional character. But, his story is not a fragment of our imagination.

There are many Hugh’s among us, who miss an opportunity to monetize from the constantly growing mobile app ecosystem.


Because their apps fail to perform on app stores due to poor discoverability.

Want to end these stories on a happy-note?

But, for that let’s first face the music!

No matter how good your app is, it will never serve its purpose (monetizing), unless it reaches to your target audience !

We know it is a problem!

But, do you know a good thing about problems. It always come with a solution!

So, Don’t worry!

Poor discoverability and less conversion can be solved with ASO or App store Optimization!

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Before, we move any further,

  • Did you know that Apple store has nearly 2 million mobile apps (Source)?
  • And on an average, Apple store gets populated with 1,000 more apps per day? (Source)
  • And of course, did you know that 63% users search the app by browsing through app stores?(Source)

Your app is a needle and app store is a haystack!

You cannot find needle from a haystack – But a magnet can!  ASO functions more or less like that magnet!

Your app will discovered, only when it has higher rank on the App Store. When it is more visible to the potential users. ASO is a process of optimizing mobile apps, so they can rank higher on the App store.

When your app rank climbs up in the app store search results, it becomes more visible to the potential users. They can discover your app quickly!

And when visibility increases, your app page tends to draw more traffic! 🙂

That’s what an ASO aims for – Get more traffic to your app on the app store, make it more visible. In a way, it compels the searcher to take action: Download the App!

Why ASO is a crucial part of app marketing?

When the app is ready to go on the app store, most appreneurs realize that there is no title and no description for the app.

So, they pick up random keywords, write a description (without any keywords :O) at the 11th hour and submit it.

Apps where no or little research is done for keyword searches, generally gets swept under a bulk of well-optimized apps.

Result –  Chance of its discovery is near to zero!

All your dreams to earn $$$ with your app are washed away!

We are sure, you don’t want that to happen.

We will help your app climb the rank in the app store, become visible, resulting into more downloads.

And more Downloads = More $$$$

Does it mean that we’ve cracked the ASO code?

No. But we know a thing or two that may help after doing ASO for 500 some apps. And you know, we offer one-round of ASO *free* of charge to the clients who get their app developed from us.

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