App Wireframe: The necessary ingredient for effective app development


You have an awesome app idea.

You want to take it to the app stores and capitalize on increasing cash cow behaviour of the app ecosystem.

Well, that’s great!

But, wait.

Before you start dreaming about earning $$$ with your app, we have a question for you:

Have you got your app idea on paper?


Well, by paper we don’t mean some rough sketch, drawn over a cup of coffee.

We are talking about App Wireframe.

Okay, let us rephrase it:

Have you got your app idea converted into a wireframe?


Well, we hate to say this, but without a wireframe, building an app might turn out to be a costly affair!

Do you know, why?

Because App Wireframe forms the most pivotal part of mobile app development cycle.

Before we move further and understand how wireframes are so crucial, let us first understand:

What is an app wireframe?

A low-fidelity visual guide app wireframes represent the framework of your app idea. They are like blueprints which depict a 2D illustrative roadmap with various features, and functionality of an actual app.

Unlike a medium fidelity mock up, wireframes do not have colours, fonts, images, logos and dummy text (lorem ipsum).

It mainly consists of elements like:

  • Content placement and prioritization
  • Space Distribution
  •  Possible actions
  • Functional flow-chart

An app wireframe looks something like this:


An example of App Wireframe

Image source:

So, the question is: Why is it important to convert your idea into a wireframe?

#1 Wireframe gives a tangible form to your idea. Hence it becomes comprehensible.

It is not an awesome idea that makes an app a success. It is the clarity of your idea which determines app’s fate.

So, it is important that there is no vagueness. Things are explained clearly right before it all begins!

You can explain your idea verbally or even write it on a piece of paper.  But, would it give any clarity?

Mostly likely, No!

In fact, such kind of communication leaves lot of things to the developers’ imagination. Result – The actual app may turn out to be just a remote copy of something you had in mind!

And that’s precisely why wireframe is important. It lays out a structure showing information hierarchy and functional flow of the app. In short, it connects various elements within the app.

It enables you to visualize different screens of your app and how you can navigate through these screens. Result? – Well, you can see how exactly your idea would ‘look’ and ‘work’ when converted into a real application!

#2 More focus on UX

Wireframes are devoid of any colours, fonts, or images. It is just a skeletal structure with the functional flow of the app.  This means there are no visual distractions. The app is in its raw form. This means, it enables to understand functionality and usability of the app.

#3 Eliminates errors at an early stage

Re-developing any feature or screen can cost you a bomb!

So, it is important to detect any gaps/discrepancies in the functionalities and usability early in the development process.

The question is how?

Simple – With an app wireframe!

The wireframe defines functional flow of your app. This means you can determine how a specific feature or screen will function.  Any gap in the expected functional flow becomes clear at a very early stage. Therefore, you get enough time to make any modifications before the actual development begins.  You can save all the valuable time and $$$.

#4 Determine if the app is a market-fitment

Also, a wireframe helps you to understand whether your app (idea) will fit the markets.

How, you will ask?

When you have an app wireframe, you can get answers to questions like:

  • How exactly does the app help end-users?
  • Will the app address/solve user’s requirement/problems?

This means you (and your developers) can know if things are heading the right way. This means app development becomes smoother and quicker.

And yes, App Wireframes are not just for visual representation!

It is at this stage that you can collaborate and communicate with the developers. You can explain various key elements and the purpose.  Result – Smooth and quick app development.

In short, Effective App Wireframing = effective app development process!

Though, a pivotal part of app development, app wireframes are often overlooked.

Sad, but that’s true!

Do know why this happens?

Well, because most people think that wireframing is a time-consuming process.  The hours allotted to creating wireframe can be used for development.

And, this where most people (and you) are wrong!

The fact is app wireframing does not take long. On the contrary, it is a quick and simple process which starts at a very early stage of development. All it needs is right kind of tools!

There is an array of tools like Wireframe.CC, Photoshop, Moqups, Balsamiq and so on are available in the market.

Just know your requirements and pick up a tool that fits into your business goals.

On concluding note, Wireframes are a crucial part of app development. It gives a shape to a random idea.

Hope you are clear about app wireframing!

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