Concept to Wireframe in 7 Days

App Wireframing Services

Are you a startup trying to pitch an app idea to a seed investor? Are you an app developer who is looking for design and UX skills for your App Development Project? Do you have an app idea but do not know what to do next? You need App Wireframing Services.

We develop wireframes by balancing UX and engineering perspective in a way it can breathe life into your app idea regardless how complex it is. With our App Wireframing Services, you'll enter the next phase, which is app prototyping and validating the idea against real users, sooner than you'd have imagined.

App Wireframing is a foundational component of the app development process. It establishes a visual structure of the app and serves as a base for UI design. It also provides a clear idea of the app elements and its use from user perspective.

Quality wireframes reduces a lot of design & development rework because thinking on paper and iterating the concept at wireframing stage is much more cost effective than doing the exact same exercise at a development level.

Let us go to the next step by designing a wireframe for your app idea.

How App Wireframing Service Works

App Wireframing service helps you turn your idea into a wireframe which will be the basis of the next step - prototype development.


Fixed Time

More often than not, startup founders are perfectionists and while creating their dream product, they tend to forget the track of time and end up spending more. We suggest that we build the Wireframe for your app idea in a fixed time for a fixed price. Here, theory of constraints helps and we get a lot done in fixed time.


Fixed Price

Rather than hiring an organization on hourly rates, we recommend that you opt for a fixed priced model so you get the predictability of expenses. As startup founders, you want to measure costs more consciously than an established business. Fixed Price model = 100% predictability of costs.


Flex Scope

We know that we have set days and we know that we have a set budget for creating the Wireframe. The iterations are important and we have considered minimum 3 iterations at this level. Let us enter Define, Build and Iterate loop with Flex Scope approach.

7 Days App Wireframing Outline

Day 1
  • Sign the NDA
  • Brainstorming session with the founder
  • Summarization of the understanding by our Consultant
Day 2 To 6
  • Drawing sketches by hand
  • Brainstorming session about the sketches
  • Converting the sketches in wireframes
  • Use of tools such as Balsamiq or RealTimeBoard
  • Deliver the Wireframe PDF
Day 7
  • Review the Wireframe against the idea
  • Initiate the next actions


Yes. We’ll sign an NDA. It is your idea and its intellectual property rights should remain with you. If you are looking for an NDA template, please follow this
The cost to create a wireframe depends upon different variables such as the product niche, and market competitiveness, but here is the indicative costs data based on our real time experiences of creating wireframes: Mobile App: (10 unique screens): about $500, Timeframe: about 7 business days. Web App: (10 unique screens): About $500-$800, Timeframe: about 7-12 business days. Installable Wireframes using tools such as Flinto: About $200, Timeline: 2 business days. Consultation on your app idea: $40/hour. Typically 4-8 hours of consultation is sufficient for a founder to discuss, brainstorm and validate the idea at a higher level.
The usual timeframe to create a complex wireframe could range from 2 to 6 weeks. Most wireframes we have worked on have taken no more than 3 weeks including multiple iterations and brainstorming and online workshop around understanding, validating and strengthening the idea.
We need a 30 minute discussion with you to understand your app idea. If you have any reference links, it would be great but it is not required. We will create wireframe based on just an idea.
It depends upon your type of project but in most cases creating a Flinto prototype along with visual graphics is the next step.
It is if you want to save on development costs.
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