Your Remarkable Career Awaits You

Team Digicom is made of Linchpins, not cogs in the wheels. If you have guts to do whatever it takes to make your career successful then read on!

Open Positions

bdm Business Development Executive

Experience: 1 - 3 years

Open Positions: 01

HOS Head of Services

Experience: 8+ years

Open Positions: 01

Solution Architect Solutions Architect

Experience: 6-10 Years

Open Positions: 01

android Android Developer

Experience: 1 - 3 years

Open Positions: 02

ios iOS Developer

Experience: 1 - 3 years

Open Positions: 02

Work Culture

Work, Not Talks

We take actions. Actions speak louder than words. Discussions are okay but we choose to show how the problems can be solved rather than talking about how it can be solved.


Less Meetings, More Doing

People do meetings when they don't understand the crux. People who understand their work just do it! We hire people who get things done.

Get Shit Done

Results come when we finish the things that need to be finished. Release a new version. Upload a new build. Or send the right email. It is not always convenient to do the things because somethings right things are unpleasant. Shit like. We still get them done.


Life @ Digicom

Digicom is a team of passionate people who plays well and works hard (and smart!). You get inspired to do your best when you work with Digicom team. See our life in pictures. Don't you see positive vibes?


Professional Development

  • Discover the Real You
  • Free Life Coaching
  • Competency enhancement training

Results, Not Methods

  • Open Mindset
  • Execution bias
  • Freedom to choose your methods

Simple Team Structure

  • Flexible project based teams
  • Casual dress code
  • Work and fun intersects well

Career Success Stories

Jigar Pandya

Head of Department, Digicom Apps Business

6 Years of Experience

I joined Digicom in a very different role from what I am doing today. I was an SEO/SMM Executive who had to take care of some of the social media accounts and work as a part of digital marketing team.

A new position was opened - of Mobile Marketing Executive and I was asked to take care of it. I found it interesting and since I liked it, results were good for my role.

I started understanding more and more about The Mobile Apps ecosystem and I started participating in app development projects as well.

Results started to speak. I was given more and more responsibilities and I grabbed them all as opportunities.

My present role at Digicom brings a lot of opportunities and challenges. I lead people and manage delicately almost all the operations of the company.

I make business decisions, create strategies and ensure that revenue growth align with the business objectives.

I monitor the performance of team members, senior and junior, managers and engineers, employees or associates, appraisals and ensure that they meet their targets.

We are very selective about hiring new people in our team. And that is the reason, most people we have share our thought frequency.

And I think that makes our life interesting. I think any good professional can make money by doing one job or the other, it is the learning and fun that we are having while working is unique!

Before 4 years, I did not know that my career would take such a flight. I'd say, if you have do-whatever-it-takes attitude and gentle heart, then no one can stop you from succeeding at Digicom.