Want to Monetise on Human Need to Find a Mate? - Get a dating app!

dating app

Are you interested in making some good money through mobile apps?


Enter online dating apps!

Dating apps are one of the most profitable niches these days. Around 72% adults in United States are one one or the other dating app! (source)

You can earn profits by monetizing human need to find a mate of these 72% adults. Here’s how:

Online dating apps like Tinder have successfully tap into the human psyche.

They have raised their bank balance by using biological, psychological and emotional needs to have like-minded companion.

Think it’s too good to be true?  See the facts, yourself!

During Q1 of 2016, Tinder registered 25 million users. There were 1 million for paid subscriptions and 9.6 million daily active users. Based on these details, Deutsche Bank analyst Ross Sandler estimated the value of the  company at $1.2 billion. (Source)

Are you tempted to enter the world of online dating app and dip your hands in this flowing river of money?

But, Have no idea, How?

Simple – Identify a sub-niche! Get a dating app that targets a specific group. For example, you can get an app build that exclusively targets lesbian groups. Or maybe, you can have an app that solely focus on needs of specially-abled people.

Sounds Interesting? – So, what concerns you? – An App Idea!

There are App Design Consultants that can help you bring your high level idea to a tangible App prototype. We provide that service too.

The Price of Developing a Dating App

Is Money on Your Mind? Want to get a dating app build, but concerned about budget?

A good dating app can be created for as low as $6000! Sure, some apps in dating niche may take up to $60-70k as well but it all depends upon your point of view of solving a dating related problem through your app.

Is there a guarantee about an excellent ROI?


We choose to be candid. There are no guarantees in businesses. Apps business is no different. But it is very much likely that you’ll have huge return on investment if you figure out an interesting niche around Dating.

Dating Apps niche has all the right ingredients for good ROI: emotional buying urge, biological desires, convenience!

But if you are thinking that Creating a Dating App is some kind of get-rich-quickly scheme, it’s not the case.

Tech Platform for a Dating App

What about the technology platform? I.e. are you not sure whether you should choose iOS, Android or Both?

Choice of app development platform depends on a particular geographical area. You want to launch your app for India, Android app is advisable because more Android users are there. Similarly, you want it for the US audience, iOS is best.

Dating App MVP?

“But, I will need an MVP,” you might be thinking if you are into startups, especially Lean Startup concepts.

Here are a good news for you: The dating niche has already been validated.

Success of popular dating apps like Tinder, HER, Woo, TrulyMadly, OKCupid and so on is enough to know that the concept works and there’s some good money to earn in the niche.

You don’t need an MVP!

Sure, you may want to test your hypothesis in a narrower context … and you can have an MVP for that but for Dating App in general, it is not required.

You can just get started with your first development iteration.

See The App We Developed In Action

Have a look at a recent dating iOS app that we brought to life: Meet & Date.  It is a dating app that leverages video profiles where the users can show their true authenticity by movement, dialogue, facial expressions and voice!

Ready to make some money with a Dating App?

Now, you’re clear about the fact that there some serious money to be made in the Dating Niche. What next?

Start making money?

Wish that would be as simple as that.

To make it as simple as that, you’ll need a Dating App. And you’ll need a  Mobile App Consulting & Development team that you can depend on.

Ok, so you think you should call us on +919825221785 or send us an enquiry email at contact@spaceodigicom.com, but we would encourage you to go through the following frequently asked questions so you get a good understanding and you can maximize the information out of our 20 minutes free consultation that you can choose to receive.

FAQs about Dating Apps

Q1: What will be the minimum costs to create a dating app?

A1: US $6000 approx.

Q2: Will you sign an NDA?

A1: Yes. We’ll sign an NDA.

Q3: Who will own the Intellectual Property rights?

A3: You (the client) will own the Intellectual Property rights.

Q4: What will be the rough timeline from idea to a dating app live in the app store?

A4: 6 weeks

Q5: Will you do the UI/UX design or we need to hire other teams?

A5: Yes, we will do the UI/UX design for you. In fact, that’s one of our differentiating factor.

Q6: Will you do the testing also? What about User Acceptance Testing?

A6: We will do unit testing and integration testing as a part of standard engagement. We have observed that clients who carry out User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in their known circles, get more relevant feedback. We will share our experience of UAT and and guide you about how to carry it out.

Q7: What about Dating App ASO (App Store Marketing)?

A7: We will do one-time ASO at no additional costs to you. However ASO is not something that we can get right in the first attempt. You may hire an external ASO consultant, choose to do it yourselves or choose to work with our ASO consultants. Key is to experiment on the most likely and iterate to get no of downloads and revenues.

Q8: How will I (App Entrepreneur) be involved in the app development process?

A8: The App Entrepreneur will be closely involved (if she wants to) in the whole dating app design and development process. She will make decisions about the look and feel and get access to alpha and beta versions of the app.

Q9: What about post-development maintenance & support?

A9: We provide FREE support for 60 days. Post that you can have a separate contract for maintenance. Usually Dating App Maintenance does not take more than 12-16 hours per month.

Q10: Will you provide Consulting for Developing Dating App as well?

A10: Yes, we will provide our strong views about how we see your decisions. In standard app development process, we work with you and help you make the right decisions. If you need to hire us just to consult and validate your idea, we provide that service too!
Have more questions? Write to us on contact@spaceodigicom.com.