Want to earn loads of Dollars? – Get an Emoji App!

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You can earn buckets of dollars with an emoji app!

How? – Just like Christopher did!

Christopher, 33 years old appreneur from Boston was a part of LGBT community. He (and his community) were very vocal about their rights.

They generally used social media and messaging apps to promote their cause. Mostly, they used ‘emoticons’ or ‘stickers’ to communicate.

But, he felt something amiss. There were no ‘emojis’ or ‘stickers’ that represented LGBT community.  We wanted to get a pack of emojis that speaks for LGBT rights.

But, he felt something amiss. There were no ‘emojis’ or ‘stickers’ that represented LGBT community.  We wanted to get a pack of emojis that speaks for LGBT rights.

Like many he too had a high level idea + money. But he did not know ‘how’ to convert it into an app.

In fact, he was not even aware that converting his idea into an app can open up channel to generate more revenues.

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There are many appreneurs like Christopher. They don’t realise that Emoji Apps is one of the most profitable niches!

Whatsapp recently introduced a new photo feature, where the user can apply emojis and stickers on their images. (Source).

Even newly launched iMessage app store is populated with loads of stickers/emoji apps (Source)


It is hard to believe, but above emoji was declared as Word of the Year 2015, by Oxford Dictionaries.  (source).

Long story short, users are crazy about emojis and stickers! They like to convey the exact emotion to their recipient.

And you can earn loads of dollars by leveraging this new craze – many messaging apps like Wechat are already earning good cash!  🙂 (source)

Well even if you don’t earn a loads of dollars, you’ll earn a few thousand dollars per month given the cash-cow behavior of the niche these days.

This niche looks lucrative. You are all set to take a plunge into it and earn profits.

So what pulls you back?

Some kind of fear?

Of competition?

Or of not knowing how to build an app?


Agreed, the niche is competitive. But that’s a good thing! It’s an already validated niche. You just have to be in the right place to make some $$, simple as that.

We get it. You may not know how to bring your Emoji App idea to life. But you are reading this article and you can contact us. It’s worth a try.


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In Christopher’s case – he wanted to have emojis that show emotions of LGBT community. He earned by tapping the ‘need to communicate’ among this considerable large, yet neglected community.

Also, you can have an emoji app that target users from a particular geographic region.  So, if you have an app idea for ‘romantic emojis’, target French or Russians. They widely use romantic emojis like heart, kiss mark or love letters. (source).

If you don’t like the idea of classic and cute emojis, you can always steal the spotlight with animated or 3D emojis & .gifs.

Gosh… it doesn’t look like to earn some good cash, if you have a super-creative idea around Emojis.

When it comes to Emoji niche, do you know you are not limited to building just a standalone app but you have an option to create an Emoji Keyboard app as well.

Good thing? Emoji Keyboard integrates with all other apps through operating system’s native behavior.


More visibility of your app. More popularity of your app. More opportunities to monetize the popularity.

And you know what, this was just one of the many possible ideas that you can monetize around Emoji App niche.

Don’t wait, get an Emoji App developed.

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