Fitness apps can improve your monetary health


Do you want to take your profit graph higher?


Are you looking for a lucrative niche in the app market to achieve your goals?


Build a fitness app and see your profits skyrocketing!

But, the question is How?

Just like Kate did!

Kate, a 35-year-old entrepreneur from New York generated revenues with a unique fitness app.

Here’s How!  Kate’s first pregnancy was a difficult one. She had zero knowledge about nutritious diet or prenatal workouts. Plus, she had no elderly female relative who can guide her through this phase. This eventually took a toll on her fitness.

She realized that if she is going through all this, every first-time expectant mother would be facing the same issues.

And it was that *bulb on the head* moment!

Being an entrepreneur, she knew that investing in a niche app will serve two purposes for her:

  • She can help first-time expectant mothers by focusing on diet and workout routines during pregnancy
  • She can turn into a full-time appreneur and open a new source of revenues for her existing business.

Determined to take this idea further, she researched about the cost of developing such an app. To her surprise, she can easily afford to invest the amount i.e., 14k to 20k dollars.

She was all equipped – She had a killer app idea + budget to turn her idea into reality.

But, it was not as simple as it appeared.

She had little knowledge about ‘how’ to convert her idea into a real app.

Kate was determined to not miss this big opportunity from where she can get more dollars.

She talked to few of her appreneur friends. One of her friends, who happens to be our long-time client gave her our contact details.

 Her first question was: Why should I get a Fitness App?

We replied her in just one sentence – Fitness apps are in great demand.



Why will Fitness app help you earn $$$?

The sedentary lifestyle has resulted into various diseases, even in relatively young population. This has made them become health-conscious.

But, due to time-constraints, monitoring their fitness becomes quite difficult.

A Fitness app gives them the convenience to monitor their physical activities and calorie intake, with just a tap! Fitness app leverages the need for monitoring health fitness with convenience. Result – they are hit in the app stores!

For an example: Take MyFitnessPal, this app has over 40 million users.

This is just one app what we are talking about. App store is flooded with numerous such fitness apps.

Wearable technology like fitness bands is making their way in people’s day to day life. This further gives an impetus to the development of fitness apps.

Sounds like a great opportunity!

But you have apprehensions about the niche being profitable?  We will say: Yes, the niche is extremely profitable if you have a killer app idea to pitch in!

Here’s some data that will help you understand the profitability of this niche: 

  • Some research has projected a growth of 35% CAGR by 2020 for global fitness app market.
  • It is even expected that the number of fitness app users will rise to 373.3 million by 2020.

Quite an impressive growth projection, isn’t it? You feel like giving a *thumbs up* to the development of fitness app.

But then, What about the competition?

You think that niche is very competitive. And you come with your own equation: more competition = less download.

However, this is only the half-truth. It is true that the niche is quite competitive.

But, you need to see the greener side – at least you know that people are demanding for fitness apps. They will download your app if it successfully addresses their problems.

Let’s take the example of Kate (the lady we talked about in the beginning).

Her idea had the potential to become a hit. Do you why? Because it addressed the special requirements and health-related issues faced during pregnancy. There is a large number of working, single pregnant ladies who can use this app.

Kate’s app idea focused on providing a support to such ladies. Plus, this even helped her earn money.

Similarly, you think out of the box and come up with a unique idea that perhaps focuses on problems faced by, say diabetics. An app that reminds them to monitor their sugar and insulin levels.  These ideas are just tip of the iceberg!  Just a super-creative idea and chances are your fitness app can become a chartbuster, bringing you great profits.

What we mean to say – This niche is full of opportunities! Explore it and identify the special areas where you can leverage your app idea.

Are you all set to take a plunge!   But, still, want to find out more about fitness app?  Talk to us: Contact us!