Food Ordering App - Give your restaurant profits a thrust!

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Are you a food entrepreneur?


Are you exploring different profitable sub-niches to increase your revenue?


Then it is ‘time’ that you go mobile if you already haven’t.

Get a food ordering app developed.

“Why,” You will ask?

You might already have a website from where people can place their orders.

But having just a website is not enough in this mobile-first economy that we’re observing in 2016!

Let’s put it this way – Does the site give your users a sense of convenience and ease while they place the order?

It used to give when people used to access the Internet through desktops and laptops, not anymore.

Let’s accept the fact that the customers are getting highly impatient! They want things with just a tap on their smartphone.

Most of them don’t want to remember the urls or phone numbers to order their favorite food.

People want his ‘tedious’ work to be done by their mobile apps!

A tap and they want to locate nearby restaurants, browse the menu and place the order quickly.

Now that becomes possible only with a food ordering app!

And guess what, you can create a new channel for revenue generation and monetize on basic human need – Food.

Online food ordering app like GrubHub recorded a jump of 36.3% in their revenues for the last quarter of 2015. Do you know, why?

Because it helped diners to have a sense of immediate gratification of ‘Hunger’. (source)

The niche has started looking lucrative.

Oh wait, are you still skeptical?

You have apprehensions – whether developing a food ordering app will prove to be a smart investment?

Alright, Let’s look at some data.

  • According to a report by TechCrunch, online food ordering will surpass offline orders in the coming decade. (See the graph below)

Food Ordering App

Image Source

  • With every 100 takeout orders received on GrubHub, restaurants managed to saved around 2.5 hours of workers’ time. (Source)
  • In fact, a report by Interactive Advertising Bureau and Viggle states that 69% of (hungry) customers are turning to their smartphones or tablets to place online orders for pick-up or delivery.

Statistics look insightful, isn’t it?

So, are you ready to dive into food ordering app and earn profits?

But, you have no idea how to make profits, when there are already so many food ordering app in the market!

It is simple – Identify a pain-point of your customers and offer more functionalities that resolves their problem.

So, if your customers find it annoying to wait for turn to get a table, give them an access to reserve the table using your app.

So, what bothers you?

You are not sure whether you should choose iOS, Android or Both?

Choice of tech platform entirely depend on geographical area. You want to launch the app in India, go for Android for a simple reason – There are more Android users.

Similarly, if the app is for US, iOS is a preferable choice.

Hope you have started thinking if a Food Ordering App can help you make some more money from your existing business.

It is no rocket science. It is just about understanding your consumer behavior and leverage it.

So what’s next?

Talk to one of our consultants and brainstorm about how/if such an app can help you in your business. And you know what, you get *free* 30 mins consultation should you decide to talk to us.

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