iMessage App Store - Opportunity to Earn More Dollars

iMessage App Store

Do you have an app live on the App Store?

Or, are you thinking to have your own app on the app store?


Then you might be interested in reading how we put our own first app live on the iMessage App Store.

iMessage App Store is a HUGE opportunity. Reason? It has just 1600 apps according to SensorTower’s recent report.

This means Less competition!

And an opportunity to quickly get your app idea on iMessage on this uncrowded App Store.


You will get an early-mover advantage and make more money.

And you know how simple the iMessage Apps are?

They work from within iMessage Interface!

Yes, users would not even know if they are using any other “app” …

iMessage Apps are very much internal to iMessage. That’s why Apple calls it app extension.


Are you interested in knowing how we leveraged iMessage App Store which made some a few hundred dollars more per day?

We had an EMOJI app. Which was good. The niche was popular and profitable. It was bringing consistent revenue.

We ported the iMessage app by reusing the same assets and put it on the App store within just a week’s time.

And guess what? It started adding a few hundred dollars into our pockets.

The opportunities are endless. You may embed your dating app, game, mcommerce store or social messaging into iMessage, create new value for your users and make more dollars.

We are not sure if people will always have this early-mover advantage because App Stores have a tendency to attracting the whole world and flooding the app store but as of now, this is certainly an advantage.

Long story short, your users can access your apps, right from within iMessage. Leverage this opportunity to earn more profits.
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