Quality Biased People – Here Are Two Reasons to Celebrate (And Invest In a Good Quality App)


Yesterday, Apple rolled out a new guidelines for App submission that impacts two most important parameters: UX and ASO.

Reason 1: Apple explicitly made clear that the Quality of the App is going to be extremely important and it will get rid of the apps that no longer function as expected with the changed landscape of the App Store sooner than later.

Reason 2: Not surprisingly they pointed out about a gimmick that used to help some of the App Marketers in recent times – Longer App Titles.


For the App Titles, Apple has now imposed the limit of 50 characters for App Names. They have started rejecting the apps or the update to the apps that try to game the system by pushing more keywords in the title.

They also mentioned that around 100,000 new and updated apps are submitted each week – and quality is the single most differentiating factor.

We welcome this update because it will help us focus on creating more remarkable user experiences rather than worrying about a competitor app developer gaming the system with long app titles on their mediocre app getting more share of customer’s wallet!

Welcome to Better App Quality!