iOS or android – Which is the best to build your (first) app?


You have a killer app idea. You even validated its potential.

But, you find yourself in a fix!

Is it because you cannot figure out, whether to have an app on iOS or Android or both?

You are not alone!  Many start-ups/first-time appreneurs usually face this question.

Choosing (Right) app development platform can make or break your app. If you get it right, you win half the battle!

Figuring out the right app development platform may seem a very small thing.  But, let’s not forget it is the most critical point in the app development cycle.

The question is: which is the Right platform to build first app – iOS, Android or Both?

Ideally, an app on both the platforms is a good option, as it opens more avenues for $$$ to come in. But, before that, ask yourself: Is it a feasible option (for your business)?  If your answer is affirmative, then only proceed with this option.  It is an unfeasible option if you have any time or budget constraints.

If you have time and budget constraints, you need to choose either iOS or Android (Windows makes just 2% of market share. Therefore, not profitable) to launch your app.  Remember, the choice depends on thorough consideration of several factors like:

  • Target Users
  • Revenue Generation
  • Technical Complexities

Target Users

Remember, Apps are for users (not for app stores). Therefore, it is very important to Know Your Target Users, before you pick up a platform. And we are not asking you to JUST identify users.

It is important you look at the larger picture.  Learn about the geographic distribution of your users and which platform(s) is popular in those countries.

Moreover, analyse various socio-demographic factors to understand behavioural preferences of your users.  For example, Android is widely used in developing countries. Whereas, iOS is very popular in the developed countries. Equipped with these details help you choose the right platform and reach to your users easily.

Result – More downloads. And more downloads = more $$$!

Let’s see a hypothetical situation to get this clear. You have a photo editing app. Your targeted users are millennials mainly from North America, Western Europe, and Australia. You cannot build an Android app and expect to make money.  And do know why? – Because, Android have a small number of users in developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, or Australia.

Revenue Generation

Has it ever happened that your app got good downloads, but failed to earn any profits?  – YES!

What if we tell you that choosing a wrong platform adversely affected your app revenues? – You would certainly be surprised!  Believe it or not, but selecting right platform has a pivotal role in revenue generation.


Let us look at some data in the following figure, to get the things clear:


Image Source:

What is the first thought that comes to your mind?  Android has more downloads. More downloads translate into increased revenues. Increased revenues = High ROI.  Sounds logical. But, that’s where most of you go wrong.

Confused? How is it Possible?

Because you are not looking at the larger picture.  If you look at the figure given below, you know that though android takes the biggest piece of cake (More Downloads!), it is Apple users who spend more cash.


Image Source:

This means an iOS app has high possibilities of earning revenues. In fact, a survey by goodfirms it was observed a strong correlation between revenue generated and using iOS as a priority platform. Let’s get this straight – Number of downloads is not proportionate to revenues!

It depends on the revenue models adopted by Google and Apple. Android apps earn their revenues through in-app ads, while a majority of iOS apps are paid.

Technical Complexities

Do you how long it takes to build an iOS app?


Then, you might know the duration to build an Android app and its cost?

Again, No!

Remember, without knowing about the technical aspects of a platform and the complexities, you may not be able to the right platform. In fact, this knowledge helps you determine which way will be cheaper, effective and easier.

It is the ease of development offered by these platforms which determine amount of efforts, time and of course money to build an app.

For example, iOS apps work only on a limited number of devices, i.e., iPhone, iPad, and iPad. This means, development process becomes smoother and faster, app development gets limited to just a narrow range of devices. Result – Less development time, lesser cost and quick deployment to the app stores and the (very crucial) early mover’s advantage.

On a closing note: There is no definite, universal answer to the question: iOS or Android.

Both the platforms have their own sets of pros and cons. It is important to weight each factor – pro and con – properly, before reaching to any decision.  It is better not to rush in and just follow the trends, blindly. Because, as we said earlier app development platform can make or break the app. So choose wisely!

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