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Congratulations! You are one of the rare individuals who have an app idea.

And if you are reaching this, you might be in the process of evaluating the best possible way to execute your app idea sooner than later.

Our Mobile App Consulting Service is at your help.

You may like to know that we are not just bunch of consultants who will just give you a report of how you can execute the idea but we will own the development part also if you decide so.

In other words, we will own the execution up to bring your app idea to reality.

Hire a Consultant from our Team Who Will Solve Your App Development Problems

Our teams of consultants have 1-2 decades of experience and extensive 5+ years of experience on Mobile App Development.

100+ Satisfied clients can vouch for that. Given our own R&D center and access to various problems that Appreneurs face in the process of App Development, we have an internal bank of solutions to almost all the common problems that Appreneurs encounter.

May it be the issue such as whether to develop iPhone App first or Android App first or to design a PUSH Notification strategy that will not annoy the users, our consultants will be able to share their experience with live examples so you know what you’re doing when developing an app.

And our consultants are not academicians, they are entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs themselves - and they eat their own dogfood.

Don’t you want to connect with someone who knows her job to get your app developed?

How we bring your idea to the app store?

App Idea Validation

You have a solid app idea and of course you believe that this idea should work … that is the reason you want to develop an app but what if there is no market for your idea? What if it is technically not viable?

To solve this problem, we evaluate the idea and provide you with initial notes based on our expert judgement. We don’t just stop there, we initiate a small prototype (NFP) design phase which can last from about 3 days to 3 weeks where we develop the user experience elements and UI that can resonate with normal, non technical people.

With such a NFP, you will be able to gather more relevant feedback around your idea at a fraction of the costs.

Selection of Right technological platform

Now you have an app idea which has a validated potential to be successful but then comes the question of choosing the right technology for developing the mobile app.

Since the whole mobile ecosystem is in its infancy, you will hear a lot of buzzwords such as Native Apps, HTML5 Apps and Hybrid Apps.

This increases confusion at App Entrepreneur end … it is obvious. Our consultants have good idea about why you should use which technology and what are its pros and cons.

Our consultants provide specific examples about which technology to target first. For example, if the target audience is in the USA, then you should build the iPhone app first but if your target audience is in India, then it should be Android.

Let me put it in perspective - in an ideal scenario, you need to have your app available on all the platforms but obviously you don’t want to start developing your app on Windows Mobile platform which has less than 2% market share!

Flexible, Agile App Development Mindset and Techniques Agile App Development

Mobile App frameworks are evolving at a speed of thought. In 2013, no one knew about today’s most popular iOS development language - Swift … and now there are a countless number of developers using and leveraging it to build iOS apps.

But do you know that it is possible to combine Objective-C and Swift code in one app? Sometimes reusing already available components is a better strategy than building everything from scratch.

Our consultants will be able to guide you through the process of developing with agility such that you can quickly respond to changing market conditions rather than being struck with the technology selection you have made.

When you design your app to support iterative development, you stay flexible and chances of your success increase.

Effective User on-boarding

A quick reality check - 75% Users uninstall an app within 90 Days. User retention is one of the #1 problem today. Appreneurs often find it difficult to keep their users engaged for a simple reason - users get access to thousands of new app through the app store which ultimately results in reducing their attention to a particular app.

Our consultant will help you think through what is known as First Time User Experience (FTUE) so there are less chances of users downloading but not using your app.

No our consultants are not messengers of God with silver bullets but their experience and attention to small details which can fail an app, will help.

App Monetization strategies

App Monetization is a subject of deep study. It involves knowledge of finance as well as psychology. When a user feels craving to use a function, if the app offers them means to fulfill their craving, chances are more that our app will make more money.

Our consultants guide you about how to design full screen offers, how to use Decoy to present the users with multiple price range (a concept indicated in a famous book Predictably Irrational) and more.

In short, if you learn monetization by doing it yourself, you spend more time than what you should. Hire our Mobile App Consultant to design monetization for your app.

App Marketing

App Marketing means doing activities that will bring more no of downloads from relevant users. If your app is a freemium app, then there are very little barrier to entry but you need someone unbiased with technology who will be able to look at the App from marketing perspective.

Unlike in traditional markets, In Mobile Apps World, Marketing function cannot involve misleading the users or presenting them with the false claims to make a sell. It is a BIG No. Marketing here means understanding the demographics and psychographics of the users, come up with techniques and offers where users feel inspired to take the desired action.

Our App Marketing Consultants own the app marketing up so your involvement remains in ultimate decision making and not in operational tasks.

Still want to know how can we bring solutions to your app strategy needs? Here are some of the FAQs, we hope will clear all your apprehensions:


About 10% of your overall app development costs! For example, if your mobile app idea can be developed for US$5000, then it can cost you about $500. And Did we tell you that if you decide to develop apps from us, we do not charge for consulting?
Yes. 20 mins free consulting! Please contact us  for that.
No. You are free to hire any development team.
Yes! Please talk to us  if you would like to hire our consultant as a Project Manager to your mobile app project.
Please contact us for that and our consultant will help you with examples that you can relate with.
Email, Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime Basecamp, Trello, GoToMeetings, … and in some cases, in-person meetings as well.
No. Our consultants have good hands-on knowledge in both the platforms. Not only that, they are good communicators and intrapreneurs themselves. You don’t want to hire a consultant who just has a theoretical knowledge only.  
Talk to us and see if our consultants can be of any help. While we have success stories of the model, we understand that you want to try it before you buy our services. Book our consultant for FREE 20 minutes consulting, today. Contact us NOW!