How Much Money to Spend on App Icon Design?


Can I Spend $1000 on App Icon Design?

Yes you can.

But you shouldn’t.

Unless you’ve an abundance of $$$ and don’t care about spending them right.

But you’re an Appreneur and you care about spending your dollars carefully to bring your app idea to life.

So, how much should I spend on App Icon design?

Less than $100 per icon.

Sure, App Icon is a critical asset that your app will have. Users download (or don’t download) an App because of its icon – but it does not mean you should spend $1k on your App Icon Design.

Even though the App Icon Designer’s portfolio has great names, in most cases, for Appreneurs, it does not make sense to spend a lot on App Icon Design.

App Icon fullsize
To get an App Icon for your mobile app without spending your fortune, here’s the approach we recommend:

1. Perform 30-min app-store research and list down 10 apps that are grossing well in your App’s niche
2. Take screenshots of their app icons
3. You might be surprised to know that there are some icons converting better which you may not “like” in first instance – just stay with it and pick the ones that are converting well
4. Order the icon screenshot list by highest grossing icon at top and so on
5. Next step is to hire an App Graphics Designer and send her the job with the following brief and the zipped file of the screenshots:

      a. Study the icons from the screenshots
      b. Come up with 3 unique app icons that communicates the purpose as simply as possible
      c. Also state that you expect upto 3-4 variations per icon. If you would like to iterate more, you will be fair and pay $10 per iteration.
      d. State that your expected budget would be around $50 per icon. Since you need 3, your budget would be $150.
      e. State that you expect the icons within about a weeks time. Usually it takes 1-2 days to get the designs and 1-2 days for iterations.
With above process you will get icons that will:

a. Cost you $50-$80 per icon – not very expensive
b. Confirm to current app store trends (what is converting and what is not)
c. You will be able to test 3 different icons to see which one is converting more
d. Since the whole design takes $250 or less, if you need to iterate a couple more round, you won’t find it difficult

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