App Icon Design Process

App Icon Design


App Icon Design

App icon design process that we follow: Understand the needs. Confirm to iOS8 icon design principles. Make sure that the icon conveys what the app does. And make it look minimalistic and clean.

These were the exact steps that we followed for designing app icon for Herbs That Heal app. Our visual designers came up with an idea of using “+” sign, herbal leaves along with green and red colors to convey medical and herbal / healing parts.

They created three iterations and have the icon reviewed by a peer group of six people. Each people had to provide one idea to improve the icon. This process took two days and the result was that people had more suggestions for improvement than acceptance.

The data gathered from six different people was against our hypothesis.

So our designers came up with another concept altogether: Herb bowl + leaves + something that highlights the “healing” part of it.

There were five different variations of the concept. Some with different colors. Some with different elements. One with hand drawn colors. Multiple variations were created and again it was tested against the peer group. The results were positive.

Then the icon was presented to the Product Owner. He took two days to validate the icon against his test group and the icon which we proposed got a unanimas approval.

Key here was not just to get the approval of the concept but to communicate the essence of the app through the icon.

A year later, the app is seeing consistent amount of downloads and the icon has played a significant role as our research says that just by changing the icon, the number of downloads can be increased by 20 to 30%.

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