Concept to prototype in 21 days

App Prototyping Services

You have an app idea. You might also have some rough sketches around your idea or you'd have hired an agency like us for app wireframing services. What is the next step?

App Prototype Development.

App prototyping has become a very important part of the app development process. With the Lean Startup movement, a lot of startups are developing apps which takes the iterative approach - and navigational prototype or semi-functional prototypes provides a very good start without burning a lot of cash on full-fledged development.

App prototypes enable you to analyze the structure of the app and how it will actually look and perform under various scenarios.

Through our consultative approach, our experts understand your idea, target audience, major use personas and help you define the USP of your app. Based on our experience and analyzing your specific requirements we pick an app prototyping tool and build the prototype on that.

App prototypes can vary based on the unique needs of your startup. Some problems can be solved with just navigational prototypes where the other problems require a proof-of-concept functional development as part of the overall prototype development.

Usually we touch upon and deliver the following on a Prototype Development project. Concept notes, Wireframes, Sitemaps, Functional Specs, Navigational, semi-functional, or fully functional prototype.

How App Prototyping Service Works

App Prototyping Service helps you add life into your app wireframes which will be the basis of the next step - MVP development.

Fixed Time

It is possible to spend a year on developing a prototype and do not ship anything. Not a good idea in the Lean Startup world. So we set a boundary, a deadline based on our experience + initial analysis and get version 1.0 of the prototype out.

Fixed Price

Prototype Development is an iterative process and if a price boundary is not established, it can eat up lot of money. We don’t want to do that. We want predictability about a price point and hence fixed price.

Flex Scope

It is important to stay on-target with the objectives, but scope is something that will evolve during the process. Since we have other two boundaries (fixed time and fixed price), we can be flexible with the scope.

21 Days App Prototyping Outline

Week 1
  • Sign the NDA
  • Brainstorming session with the founder
  • Summarization & Validation of idea / wireframes
  • Selecting "features" for the prototype
  • Carrying out Visual Graphics & Design for the prototype
Week 2
  • Finalization of Graphics/Visuals
  • Starting Prototype Development
  • Continuous Communication
Week 3
  • Testing the prototype
  • Delivering the prototype


Yes. We’ll sign an NDA. It is your idea and its intellectual property rights should remain with you. If you are looking for an NDA template, please follow this.
Yes, the prototype will be a functional app.
It can work on multiple platforms such as iOS and Android if we designed it that way. However, for most prototypes, one platform, minimum important features and support for 1 or 2 major devices is sufficient. Purpose of the prototype is to move the needle, not to invest heavily on building features that people may or may not need.
The cost to create a prototype depends upon different variables such as the product niche, and market competitiveness, but here is the indicative costs data based on our real time experiences of creating prototypes: Functional Mobile App: (5 unique screens): about $1200, Timeframe: about 14 business days. Functional Web App: (5 unique screens): About $1200-$1500, Timeframe: about 12-20 business days. Consultation on your app idea: $40/hour. Typically 10-16 hours of consultation is sufficient for a founder to discuss, brainstorm and validate the idea at a prototype level. 
For mobile and web apps, most prototype could range from 2 to 6 weeks. Most prototypes we have worked on have taken around 3 weeks. But the prototype for a really complex app such as Uber may take up to 8 to 10 weeks.
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