7 Benefits of Protoype-first approach


Are you planning on developing an app?

It is possible to develop an app with minimal risk and reasonable investment with the right approach.

With the right approach, you can save good amount of $$$. In some cases, up to 40%.

The approach is pretty simple: Iterate your App idea at Prototype level and not at a development level.

Lot of first time Appreneurs make a mistake of starting the development and coding activities as soon as they get an idea without defining what that idea is really going to do for their business – a behavior that can cost you thousands of $$$.

If you want to save $, then starting the development without investing in prototype is a mistake. You are smart so don’t make it.

So, what is a prototype?

A prototype is a first or preliminary version of your app from which other features will be developed. In some cases, it could just be an interactive navigational wireframe as well.

The purpose?

Test the hypothesis by playing with it in an imperfect yet effective manner.

Through prototyping and pilot testing your app, you can have a clear idea if the app idea is going to do any good for your business, and will help you decide if it makes sense to invest further or not.

Take home point: Iterations are inveitable in Software Development. Better do them at a stage where stakes are low. Prototype first, code second!

There is also an indirect benefit to you: Since the stakes are low, it enables you to get started sooner than later.

In startup world, sooner is much Much MUCH better than later – you better believe it.

7 Benefits of Protoype-first approach

#1 You get a feel of a real app even though you have invested a little

#2 Better UX – You experience what the users will experience without investing your fortune

#3 Big Picture – You get to experience your idea at a 5000ft view, giving you insight about many different things around your app idea.

#4 Better Communication – It can establish a good communication background for the teams – and often results in better personal relationships. Result? Better team collaboration when the development begins

#5 Saves $$$ over the long run – since the iterations happen at the right stage, it saves a lot of $$$ in development rework

#6 Increases the chances of funding – seeing is believing. Having something to show is better than just talking about your idea. Investor likes to see and experience things before they invest in an idea. A lot of Appreneurs do that and increase their chances of getting funded sooner than later.

#7 Early Agile Testing – This is often neglected but an important point. Prototypes allow to perform UX testing in very early stage. Any good app would aim to better its UX … and with this approach, it can be started sooner.

Do prototype first, and make the best of the App Development Wisdom available to you.