Push notifications - The Dark Horse of App Marketing


You can increase DAU or Daily Active Users of your app with Push Notifications.

Yes, you heard it right.

Smartly used push notifications can help with depleting DAUs.

How you will ask?

Just like it helped Jake.

Jake was 35 years old retailer from Albany. He wanted to expand his retail business and so he stepped into the world of mobile commerce. He converted his retail business into an app.

Things went smooth, initially. His app received an overwhelming response from users. The download numbers touched the sky, within a couple of weeks.

And on top of it all, his app was bringing him lot of $$$.  With this success, he was on cloud nine.

But, like they say ‘nothing is constant’, his app suddenly witnessed a steep churn rate.

The users who once used to flock his app were nowhere to be seen. DAU was consistently plummeting.  Eventually, his retail app started experiencing substantial loss.  This adversely affected his business.

But Wait! Every story deserves to have a happy ending.

Jake turned the tables around with smart use of push notifications!


Push notification is like a Dark Horse.  Often ignored, but when used smartly it can turn an app into a money-making machine.

Wondering how push notification help in user engagement and retention?

Wait, before we go to the ‘How’ part, first let us see what are push notifications?

InnerPush notifications are simple messages which serve a specific purpose. It can be used to notify the app users about any recent features, version update, app-specific event or even a marketing offer.  And

unlike other notification methods such as email or SMS, the chances of push messages reaching to audience target is much higher.

Why so, you will ask?

Because, even when the app is not active, your push message will appear on the user’s screen.

When app sends a push notification at regular intervals, it gets more exposure. This increases the chance of a user returning to your app and even using it.

Push Notifications remind users that the app exists in user’s mobile device and it can add value to the user’s life in one or the other form.

Result – More engagement and retention.

Yes, we know push notifications are permission-based. Users have an option to disable the push notifications.  But, most users choose to enable it. Do you why? Because they don’t want to miss out on important information.

Still, have apprehensions about the power of push notification?

So, here are some hard facts that prove that push messages can work wonders:

  • According to a study conducted by Localytics, it was revealed that around 65% users returned to a push-enabled app, within 30 days.
  • Another report suggests that careful and intelligent use of push notifications can boost app engagement by 88%.

We can say push messages act like a magnet. It attracts users to the app!

Recently released rich notification in iOS 10 has added a new dimension to push notification and app marketing.

You can now attach images, audios, GIFs and video files to your push message for users of iOS 10. Such rich content makes communication interesting. Chances of users tapping on a notification with such content manifolds, as compared to plain text messages.

Result – Push Message becomes more effective.

Sounds Sexy, Isn’t it?

But, wait you need to understand that Push messages have some ‘terms & conditions’ attached to it.

You cannot get too pushy with these messages. Keep it in moderation. Too many push message can annoy the user.  Also, too less notification will have no impact on the users. Your app might just lie dormant without bringing you any $$$.  In both cases, chances are users might uninstall the app.

Remember, before you create push messages know your users, empathize with them, and understand their needs. This helps in creating and planning push messages that hits the right target.

In a saturated app market, user engagement crisis is a real thing. User acquisition is not the sole guarantor of success.  DAU or Daily Active Usage is an important metric that determines app’s success.

Push Notification is an effective tool that helps in dealing with the plummeting app user engagement rates.

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