Earn More Dollars from Real Estate Business With a Mobile App – A Case Study


This is a case study about Richard, a Real Estate Property Business Owner from Florida, USA. Richard’s end users were property buyer, seller, renters, brokers and sub-agents.

Richard was a property business owner from Florida. He had been into Property Business for 10 years and has about 200 clients who use his Consultation and Agency Services to buy, rent or sell the properties.

Richard got his website developed years ago from a local developer. It was more of a marketing website and major part of his business was done lately using WhatsApp by sharing photos of properties and setting up appointments & showings.

Richard’s Approach

Richard goggled about mobile app consulting and development studios and landed on www.spaceodigicom.com.

Using the contact form, Richard submitted an inquiry to design & develop a mobile app.


The Solution

Consulting team got the inquiry from Richard. One of the consultants was assigned the inquiry.

He sent a sample NDA to Richard, which both of them signed. Space-O Digicom does this to protect the interest of the clients.

Since the contracts are work-for-hire, all the intellectual properties rights including source codes are handed over to the client at the end of the project.

One of the consultants from Space-O Digicom team scheduled a 20-minute introductory call where she discussed about possible ways to get an app.

Since the consultant had worked as a Business Analyst in the Real Estate Tech Solutions niche, he could provide Richard with some ideas that could help Richard’s business.

Then came the question of the budget.

Richard’s budget was US$9000. So the consultant recommended an Agile approach and suggested to opt for an iOS App first, which could serve the business and can be done for $8000.

The consultant also pointed that Richard should keep $1000 for mobile marketing / ASO, because that will help Richard grow his business: New Business from New Clients (NBNC).

Richard and the Space-O Digicom Consultant agreed and signed a contract to begin the work.

Then the project went on the floor. Four team members were allocated to the project: A Project Leader, an iOS Developer, a UI/UX Designer and a QA/tester.

The project took about 6 weeks to develop, and further 3 weeks of beta testing.

The project manager kept Richard updated every week using Basecamp, a collaboration tool, which Space-O Digicom uses to have hassle-free communication with clients and the team.

Richard was involved in the process in a way that he could suggest minor changes to a feature or a two to make the app better, even though the project was fixed price. The idea was to build an app that Richard can use to better his business.

Then the app was submitted to the App Store. Apple’s review policy was changed so the App required to make some code level changes as per their review & feedback.

Space-O Digicom’s team worked and made all the changes and got the app approved by the Apple’s Review Team.

Then, Richard planned a customer meet and launched the app. The App was free to download for the customers. So there was no barrier for them to at least “try” the app.

The Beginning

Richard’s customers happily adopted the app for a simple reason: it made their lives easy.

The end-customers got a better tool to do business with Richard. They also noticed that Richard is taking care of his customers so they recommended Richard more in their circles.

There were a small number of customers who did not use iPhone/iPads so Richard ask Space-O Digicom team to develop an Android App also.

Richard also asked if he’d need a Windows Phone app but Space-O Digicom team asked Richard that it might not make sense to develop an App for Windows Platform.

Since a very small number of people use Windows Phone, it was not practical for Richard to opt for a Windows App from ROI perspective.

Richard was happy with Space-O Digicom as he has found a Dependable Mobile Technology Partner in them.

Next, Richard visited Space-O Digicom’s India offices and met with the team in-person. He liked the infrastructure and the approach of his development team to get things done no matter how challenging the technical problems are.

Richard also signed a maintenance contract with Space-O Digicom to keep his App updated for upcoming OS updates that Apple and Google makes to their platform respectively.

The costs of maintenance were very less (just $27/hour for Richard) because Space-O Digicom team operates from India where the costs of operations is not as high as in the US.

Richard also realized that Space-O Digicom is not just an outsourcing provider whose USP is to just save the costs (and deliver mediocre product) but being a partner who has deliberately established an office in India to leverage the best mobile app development talent available today for a reasonable price.

What’s more, Richard recommended Space-O Digicom to his sister-in-law, Marie who lives in Chicago to develop an app for her business. As of Apr 2016, a consultant from Space-O Digicom is in communication with Marie.


  1. Richard got a better tool to enhance his business
  2. Space-O Digicom got a client for lifetime and a good referral
  3. Space-O Digicom’s team also got appreciation and benefits on the success of the app so they were motivated to do even better work for their next client.