Save $$$ on your app development project with balsamiq mockups

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Do you think your kick-ass app idea is going to top the app store chart once built as an app?

Do you want to present your idea to the potential investors, clients or team members in the cheapest way possible?

Do you want to have an app without actually having an app?

Most of the people feel that making an app or creating a website is a child’s play.
It is quick and easy.

So why not just go with the flow and get it launched?

After investing a huge amount of time and money into developing a particular website, app or an interface, somehow you don’t find it perfect.

You are mostly happy with it but there a couple of things that you’d like to add, remove or change.

At times the requirements aren’t clearly specified by the clients at the initial stage during designing a certain app, website or an interface. Hence, the last minute changes can increase the overall cost of development making it more complicated and difficult.


The fact is ‘Quick, Cheap and Good’ is a myth.

You cannot have all the three at once.

You can always have it quick but that will cost you extra dollars and the outcome of the website might be faulty.

You can opt for a cheaper approach but it will cost you on the quality and time.

Or you can go with the traditional approach:

Time + Money = Good Quality

After a few years of developing websites you must have easily adapted to certain issues that tend to pop up quite easily.Hence, you make sure you have everything in place before you launch it.

But at times even slightest of mistakes can even go unnoticed.

You surely don’t want to look back and know you could have done better.

Why not prototype your ideas before you jump into the real thing?

A vast landscape of modern prototyping tools could be overwhelming when deciding to build your prototype. It is easy to stick with the tools you are familiar with but there are a lot of new tools available in the market worth exploring.

Win the race against time and money as you prototype.

Showcase your idea through prototyping tools like Balsamiq before going for the real app.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer or a student, Balsamiq makes it easier and to present, share and explain your app or website ideas.

Balsamiq comes with tons of features to help you build the prototype the way you want including sketch-style controls, smooth navigation options, clean wireframe, animations and transition options.

It also allows you to spot any potential issues in the structure or flow of your website, app or interface before you spend hours and dollars crafting the look and feel of the final design since it is much easier to change a wireframe than to change the final mock up.

How Balsamiq helps you execute?

A simple tool with a simple interface, Balsamiq enables you to design interactive web application prototypes that actually look like the real apps.The Balsamiqmockup feels like drawing on a sheet of paper. You can easily rearrange stuff and iterate the design in the real time and can sit back and work with their team members on the wireframes in one go.

#1. Effortless Features
Balsamiq helps you to quickly create interactive wireframes with various shapes, boxes and texts. With over 300 icons from the Font Awesome Icon Set, Balsamiq could help you easily create lifelike interactions by adding such icons to your design screens realistically.

You can also access grids and guides and many other such tools that will help you work at the right fidelity for your idea. It also offers tons of UI elements with a drag and drop function helping you iterate easily and painlessly.

#2. Immediate Iteration
Mockups requires very less investment in time, effort and money hence, that will result in frequent revision and periodic refinement leading to a near to perfect prototype.

A few of theBalsamiq versions also has a revision or iteration history through which you can keep a track on the changes made.

#3. Collaborate with your Colleagues
Balsamiq also acts as a ‘common tool’ between product managers, designers and developers thereby, saving on more time in the process of presenting the mockup to them and resulting in a quicker iteration process.

It also offers 3rd party extensions through which you can access custom icons, extra controls and tools to export to HTML or code and many more such options. With Balsamiq Mockup 3 you can wireframe desktop apps, websites, mobile apps and more.

#4. Get Honest Feedback
Balsamiq simplifies your feedback process by having team members and clients comment directly on a design from within the mockup experience.

Balsamic mockup comes in desktop, web app and plugin version. You can also print out your mock-ups or run online user tests before designing the real app.

Balsamic provides with clickable prototypes for small projects and rapid prototyping which you can share with your friends and colleagues through pdf.

Time management and efficiency is the key to success.

A prototype will not only enable you to get noticed but will also help you save tons of money.

A Cheap, Easy and Fast approach towards prototyping of your app will lead to an achievable quality triangle – Fast, Cheap and Good.

Do you want to create a flawless app, website or an interface rich in features?

The same cannot be achieved without valuable feedback. Hence, a prototype is highly essential to ensure that the project stands out and gets noticed.

Do you think prototyping tools would really help develop your idea into reality by saving on time and money?

You think so!

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