TingTong Sound Messenger App v2.0 With Group Chat, Broadcast, and Custom Sounds Is Now Live


Team TingTong, which is an internal startup within Space-O Digicom is happy to announce version 2.0 of TingTong Sound Messenger Android App.

In June 2016, we launched its first version. It was unfinished, unpolished MVP that validated our App idea!

We now have 1200+ users who have sent more than 48000 TingTongs using our initial version.

Tingtong v2.0

Today’s update is a MAJOR update with totally new code base and totally revamped User Experience.

Yes, we take a UX biased product development approach but sometimes, the other way around makes sense. TingTong App was one such case.

The first version was loved by almost everyone who used it. If we summarize the hundreds of feedback we received on its first version, they all said the same thing – a Novel Idea but needs more features, better UI and so on.

None of the users had said that it is not a good app. They either criticized it or loved it!

In product development, any feedback, positive or negative, is good. No feedback is BAD!

Glad we got plenty of feedback on its first version.

Team TingTong worked day and night to bring upon a new version which has the following features:

  • Group Chat
  • Broadcast a sound to multiple users
  • Record and Send Custom Sounds
  • Share a sound on WhatsApp, Hike and more …
  • 1100 + Pre-recorded sounds

For those who do not know what it is, TingTong is a totally new way to message your friends and family.

For the last decade we have been limited to sending short text messages or making phone calls from our mobile phones but TingTong Sound Messenger gives you a 3rd option :: you can blast a sound to your friend’s phone!!

TingTong Sound Messenger works on all of your android devices but use a good one with at least 1 GB RAM for better performance – Internet connection is required to use the app.
We will keep updating the pre-recorded sounds. If you have any suggestions or comments, write to us at support@dotingtong.com.

To find out more, follow these hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook #DoTingTong #BolyaVagarVaat

iPhone users will also get TingTong v2.0 update by Mid-September 2016.

Use TingTong app and let us know if you like the new features. DOWNLOAD it from http://bit.ly/tingtongandroid.