Travel apps - How Danny monetized his ‘hobby’ and generated $$$!


I have a killer idea for travel app. I want to turn it reality.
Is it possible?

This was what Danny wrote in his email to us!

Danny an appreneur from California is our long term client. We helped to created (successful) entertainment apps, some years back.

And it was after almost two years, Danny approached us again!

This time with an interesting project!

Before, we move any further let’s see what brought Danny to us.

Danny is an avid traveller. He loves going on adventure tours.

In fact, he and his friends often organize adventure tours for like-minded travellers who are in search more ‘adrenaline rush’.

The group mostly used different travel apps to search a new destination, book tickets & accommodation and for itinerary management.  

But, they were not satisfied – They often felt apps, they use hardly target their area of interest.

Having something, meant just for adventure-loving travellers was a recurring topic of their discussions.

It was during one of such talks, over a campfire that Danny decided to bring a solution to this problem.

He thought of having an ‘adventure travel app’ which focus on special problems like:

  • Finding new destinations for adventure tourism,
  • Reasonable accommodation options in relatively unexplored places.
  • Searching and booking a local guide
  • Local weather information and so on.

Being an appreneur and a traveller, he already knew that travel app is a lucrative niche.


insideSo, he made his mind to take a plunge!

As he could not do it himself, he thought of us!

We already built an app for him in the past and he knew we will help him in bringing his idea to life.

And that’s when he approached us with:

  1. A killer travel app idea for adventure travellers.
  2. A budget of 10K dollars.  

He wanted us to help him turn his idea into a real app.

Our consultant had a quick talk with Danny. Since, we worked with him earlier, we already had a great rapport. It took our consultant 10 minutes to understand his idea.    

Four members were allocated to this project – A Team Leader, An iOS developer, UX designer and Quality tester.  The app idea was explained to them.

They carried out thorough brainstorming sessions to understand the concept well.

After a day of brainstorming exercise, we realize there were unique challenges.

  • Easy access to emergency contacts, offline maps in case of weak internet coverage.
  • Localization features like a translator or quick information on cultural relevance.
  • Compact UX design such as an easy-to-understand calendar with different time-zones.
  • Instant and Accurate Weather Reports
  • Different navigation in iPad for Landscape and Portrait mode

We started creating wireframe for the app, keeping the above points in mind. Over the course of two days, we created 4-5 wireframes, before finalizing one.

Iterations were done. Many elements were removed, while some were added for a visually appealing design and remarkable UX.  Wireframe helped us understand users and their needs.

Based on the wireframes, we came up with an interactive prototype. Using this prototypes, we gain invaluable insights. We learnt how the app would behave in actual-life scenario.

We could easily find certain flaws in functionalities and features, that could led to an adverse UX. It would cost Danny a significant amount, if the changed had to be made in the final build.

The development was completed in 6 weeks and 3 more weeks were allocated to testing.

Since, the app was created to work even while the user is on-the-go, the tester applied a different testing technique.

She tested the app while traveling and going to place, where internet is most sloppy.

This was done to ensure that offline features work without any glitches.

Danny’s app was submitted to App Store according to the app store guidelines. With the app getting approved by Apple Review team, Danny introduced it to his travel buddies.

Most of the users were quite happy and satisfied, for the app addressed their requirements.

What Danny Got!

It proved to be a Turning Point for Danny!

Since, the app addressed to specific problems faced by adventure travellers, it appealed to this steadily growing community.

As he tapped into rapidly developing adventure tourism, his apprenuerial career got a boost.

And ‘The Profits’ was cherry on the cake! 

If you have an innovative app idea that focuses on real-life problem. Feel free to contact us!